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Communication and Collaboration in Face-to-Face and Virtual Environments (VASCD) is a Course

Communication and Collaboration in Face-to-Face and Virtual Environments (VASCD)

Started Sep 18, 2020


Full course description

Communication and collaboration are two of Virginia's "5 Cs" skills that are central to the Profile of a Graduate. This course addresses these essential questions:


To what extent can relationships enhance communication?

How can I encourage communication and collaboration?


Teachers can provide in-person and online learning experiences that intentionally support the development of communication and collaboration skills. In this course, you'll gain insights and practical ideas for:


Creating community-centered classrooms where students feel physically, emotionally, and intellectually safe

Building teacher–student and student–student relationships

Fostering "intellectual camaraderie" and healthy attitudes toward learning, including growth mindsets

Facilitating communication and connections, both within the class and with the larger community


This self-paced course looks at the research base supporting these practices, and also gives you access to many practical ideas you can use whether you are teaching in an online, in-person, or blended environment. This professional learning course provides 5 hours towards recertification.

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