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VMFA course badge Creative and Critical Thinking with Art (VMFA) is a Course

Creative and Critical Thinking with Art (VMFA)



Full course description

Virtual Virginia (VVA) and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA) are pleased to announce a partnership to support Virginia public educators through professional learning.

Creative and Critical Thinking with Art: This course will use VMFA collections to explore creative and critical thinking across different content areas. During this course participants will explore how inquiry-based engagement with art objects might serve as a laboratory for honing the creative and critical thinking skills crucial to the discipline they teach.

Participants in this self-paced course will be able to:

  • Understand and communicate about the creative and critical thinking opportunities presented by inquiry-based engagement with artwork. 
  • Identify strategies and thinking routines that stimulate creative and critical thinking by students looking at artwork.
  • Consider own curriculum and identify possible pathways for using art objects to stimulate student creative and critical thinking.
  • Create a plan for continued examination of using artwork to stimulate and foster creative and critical thinking in their classrooms. 

Participants who successfully complete this course earn a certificate worth twelve hours of professional learning.  

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