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DADSS and the STEM Partnership - VDOE/DMV is a Course

DADSS and the STEM Partnership - VDOE/DMV

Started Mar 26, 2021


Full course description

The objective of these modules is to teach about the dangers of alcohol-impaired driving and the innovative technology that Virginia is helping to develop to make its roads and highways safer. 


Learning modules will help you explore:


1. How alcohol is absorbed, processed, and eliminated by the human body;

2. How alcohol impairs your ability to safely operate a motor vehicle;

3. Obtain actionable information to help you avoid the dangers associated with drunk driving;

4. Learn how the novel DADSS technologies that are currently under development and testing, can protect you and other motorists on the road in the future.

5. Science, Technology, Engineering & Math—STEM—modules that help students learn about the science and engineering behind the technology 

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