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Specially Designed Instruction: Assessment and Implementation (Pilot) is a Course

Specially Designed Instruction: Assessment and Implementation (Pilot)



Full course description

Welcome to Specially Designed Instruction (SDI):  Assessment & Implementation HLPs 6 & 12 

By the end of this session, you will understand: 

  • How to plan for and teach specially designed instruction (SDI) throughout all tiers of MTSS.
  • The five step data based individualization process for specially designed instruction (SDI).
  • SDI's three elements:  Content, Methodology, Instructional Delivery. 
  • The importance of continuous progress monitoring. 
  • How to adapt SDI's content, methodology or instructional delivery if a student is not making progress toward IEP goals. 

Successful completion of this course awards a certificate worth five hours of professional learning. 

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